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Welcome to our site!

Researh and Production Workshop Newtonika LLC was founded in 2010.

The company is based upon many years of experience of Vladimir Permikin and Leonid Dobrushkin. For more than 15 years they were supervising two teams of metal controls in UralORGES company. They developed a number of proprietary techniques, articles and patents.

Business Dimension

- Examination of metal working under conditions of high temperature and pressure;
- Examination of industrial safety, technical diagnostics;
- Metallographic examination;
- Full survey of machinery system;
- Extending the service life of turbines;
- Examination of the turbine shafts from axial channels side and scale elimination from axial channel;
- Determination of the actual resource of high temperature steam pipelines;
- Research, investigation and other challenging tasks.

Main goal

Our main goal is to determine the real service life of equipment.

Why research?

In all the problems we face, we try to find the zest. That is why the research is our main method of work. Our approach results into publications, techniques and patents which you can find on our site. Often it is necessary to solve non-standard problems, sometimes even to take part in the investigations.

Why production?

Some of our developments we do sell, so it turns out to be a limited production. In previous years we have sold PSM Microscope (portable simplified metallographic microscope). At the present moment only varnish set for making replicas «Creeplak» is on sale.

Why workshop?

We like to get a little dirt on our hands. Proprietary (we develop our own) tools and accessories, which are customized for our techniques and researches. We test our new devices on site and refine them in the workshop. Our workshop is equipped with turning, milling, grinding machines. A great help in thorough metallographic examinations is an extensive collection of metal samples, portable PSM and fixed Metam LV-42 microscopes, microhardness tester PMT -3.

Best regards,
Director of Newtonika RPW LLC

Dmitry Permikin