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Varnish for metallographic replicas

The unique composition of Creeplak varnish was developed by collaborators of Newtonika. It provides the ease and convenience of making a replica, their great quality, information integrity, making Creeplak irreplaceable in metallographic inspections!

Varnish can be applied in the study of the metal structures of the various types, fatigue and etching depth. Sample temperature can vary from +10 to + 30 C. The technology of replica preparation gives person an opportunity to explore the structure of metal on curved surfaces and locations difficult to access for control. The replicas can be stored in plastic bags at room temperature for several years.

Varnish replicas can be made in several steps, as follows:

  1. Apply the varnish. Apply a thin layer of varnish with a brush. Let the varnish dry. Drying time varies from 1 to 3 minutes.
  2. Application of the tape. Apply the black tape on the dried varnish. Then apply the double-sided tape on the black one.
  3. Put the replica on the microscope slide. Using scalpel remove the tape from the replica of the sample and stick it to the glass, using the second adhesive side of the tape.

Newtonika offers for sale a set for making varnish replicas «Creeplak-90" (90 ml. of Creeplak included). The set of "Creeplak-90" includes: Creeplak (90 ml), pre-cut one-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes, microscope glasses (144 pieces), bags for glass (100 pcs), brushes, filter paper, scalpel, two boxes (the first - to store the entire set, the second - for work on site), the manual "Your First Replica”, that describes in detail the process and possible mistakes.