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Simplified Portable Metallographic Microscope (SPMM)


The microscope is designed for the study of metal, but can work with any reflective surface.


The microscope is used both in the laboratory and directly on the hardware on site.


  • the primary source of light is used as the illuminator;
  • a simple scheme of dividing the light division;
  • the optical system can move along the plane of symmetry of the portable microscope.

Optical features

Portable microscope provides an opportunity to observe the microstructure of metal zoomed up to 600 x, and with immersion lenses up to 1350x times. The overall zoom of the microscope:

Lenses: 10 x 20 x 40 x 90 x
Zoom for 15 x lens: 150 x 300 x 600 x 1350 x


  • Portable microscope has three magnetic feet for easy mount on variously oriented and curved surfaces.
  • Photographing micro-structure using a digital camera or a video camera. For this there is an additional microscope eyepiece for sharpness tuning.
  • For your convenience there is a revolving mechanism (turret) of changing lenses.
  • Microscope illuminator consists of LEDs, so it is not affected by overheat and can operate unlimited time.
  • Preparation of the thin specimen can be carried out with microscope installed which gives an option to control the processes of polishing and etching of metals.